Peach Melba

Ahhh...Ok I admit it, I had to Google this one, I didn't know what Peach Melba was. Once Wikipedia came up with it's Peach Melba facts I realized exactly what I had been missing out on all these years.  For this, I'll put down the chocolate because Peach Melba brings fruity desserts to a whole. nother. level!

Here's what I love (besides sugar coated peaches and ice cream...hello!), it sounds really fancy, it looks really fancy but it's actually super simple.  It would be really fun to serve it up in a martini glass for a fun dessert mocktail at your next dinner party or in a big ice cream bowl at a summer BBQ (that's could grill the peaches...oh my!), but why wait!?  

 #NationalPeachMelbaDay is January 13th!   You don't need the dinner party, just have some friends over and enjoy :)  
There are tons of great recipes online but if you're not sure where to start, give this one a try and show us how you celebrate #celebratesweet!

Stephanie Shelow