#CelebrateSweet in January

Dessert Lovers know that feeling when you open your social media feed and realize that you've totally missed #NationalCookieDay and the immediate disappointment that follows.  How could we miss such an important holiday.  Ok, I know...it's not really a big deal, wait what am I saying.  But seriously, they are actually totally made up, but it sure is fun to have a holiday just for cookies!

The truth is I just love any reason to celebrate and when dessert is the star, I definitely don't want to miss out.  Turns out cookies are not the only dessert to have their own day, there will be plenty of sweetness to celebrate in 2017.  I've got all the days on my calendar and I'll make sure you stay informed too.  No more sad face when you realize yesterday was #NationlIceCreamDay and you didn't get the gang together for a cone.  

Each month I'll post what holidays we'll be celebrating that month.  Plus share some party ideas, recipes and other dessert fun. Together (dessert is way more fun with friends) we'll celebrate some of life's little joys.  Don't forget to tag us in your pics, we want to see you celebrating!  You can use #CelebrateSweet for all posts and mention @desserttoursnyc.  You'll also want to use #National*dessert*Day for all the desserts listed below.  Inserting the dessert of the day in place of *dessert*.  

Sweet Celebrating!



2nd - Cream Puff Day
3rd - Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
5th - Whipped Cream Day
13th - Peach Melba Day
15th - Strawberry Ice Cream Day
16th - Fig Newton Day

19th - Popcorn Day
22nd - Blonde Brownie Day
23rd - Pie Day
27th - Chocolate Cake Day
28th - Blueberry Pancakes Day
30th - Croissiant Day