Big Day

Today was a big day.  In fact, I may have under estimated just how big it was.  Dessert Tours: NYC launched the very first official tour through SoHo.  Months of preparation and years of "researching" the best desserts of NYC lead to this moment.  The truth is, for a long time, this only felt like a dream. I was never quite sure how a dessert tour could become a reality, nor that there were people that would want it to become a reality, it was just something I did with my friends.  This might be why I underestimated the bigness of this day.

It's amazing how a little dream in your heart can take on a life of it's own once you give it a voice.  Once I started sharing my idea with others I found people who encouraged me and supported this crazy idea.  It's really thanks to them that we're on the other side of Dessert Tour #1.  I am so grateful to each of you!

This is the first step of many as I continue to build Dessert Tours: NYC.  It's definitely one I will not soon forget.  Thank YOU!  You know who you are ;-)

Stephanie Shelow