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How it all started...

When I landed here in 2014 I found myself in a little apartment in the West Village. It was my first home in NYC and to this day, West Village has a special place in my heart. Possibly because I ate my way through it. There's something about food (cupcakes) that just bonds you to a moment and leaves an impression. I would work during the day, come home to eat dinner then walk out the front door with no plan at all. Just pick a direction and walk. I quickly discovered these hidden gems called bakeries ;). To be clear, I had of course heard of bakeries before but I learned that NYC takes pride in everything it does. These bakeries were making the best version of whatever it was they make and there were lots of them.
There was an appreciation for fine dessert that I hadn't experienced before, these people got me! To say that I'm a sweet tooth would be an understatement. I find great joy in dessert, I often tell people that I have two stomachs, one for "real" food and one for dessert/breakfast (my most favorite meal of the day).  I spent the next couple months trying out every bakery I could find. I eventually started a list (ok, it’s actually a spreadsheet but seriously, there’s so many to keep track of).  On weekends I would go out in search of one of these bakeries to see if it could be on “The List”.  No longer without a plan, now I had a mission.   Along the way I realized that each place brought me to a new neighborhood of the city, introduced me to new places, taught me new ways of getting around, it was really quite addicting. Pick a spot, figure out how to get there (this is actually an activity in itself in NYC) then find satisfaction in reaching your destination and picking out your sweet treat. 
This pattern of discovery has continued for me at each of my new homes since that one in West Village. I became the person you texted if you were somewhere in the city in need of a sugar fix. I didn't mind that at all. In fact, I LOVE sharing my dessert finds and hearing what people think. So that brings us here. I realize not everyone wants to make scouring for dessert a hobby (strange…) but I discovered that other people did enjoy benefiting from my "research".   Dessert Tours:NYC was born.

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