Celebrating the art of dessert and the magic of the city


Dessert Tours NYC was born when my love of dessert converged with the exceedingly creative works of art (in the form of dessert) being created in this city.  Dessert here is next level, as are most things.  From cronuts to cream puffs we have it all and it's some of the best in the world.  Sure, we have the classics too but even those break out of the box sometimes.  Cupcakes filled with cake batter, cookies made into shot glasses and don't even get us started on the ice cream flavors (looking at you szechuan peppercorn).  Each masterpiece is an edible display of passion for the craft of dessert making and the people who make them are truly artists.  We like to think of ourselves as a new type of museum, a really yummy one.



We host tours around Manhattan for individuals and private groups.  Currently touring through Soho and West Village where we take in the delicious treats as well as the sites of each neighborhood.


Create a little magic. We love highlighting the artists behind some of our favorite desserts.  Some are truly masterpieces, almost too pretty to eat (almost) and others are no frills, classic treats that are full of love! PROFILES COMING SOON


We love dessert and we love sharing it with you. Weather you want to know more about the artist behind your favorite creations or simply where to find the best cupcakes, we hope our little dessert community can help.